Kirk Cameron Going for the Boob Grab

Kirk Cameron on Piers Morgan

Kirk Cameron, self-righteous actor-turned-preacher-or-something, gets another kick in the pee-wee kiwis tonight. Our Kirk Cameron Loves Boobies post is now the hottest one in May (careful now, there’s some adult-like content). Why is it that when we write about boobs, we see a surge in our page views? What’s the point in writing about Asterix, North Korea, or movies we’ve seen? Apparently, most of you are here for the titillation (ha! that’s a funny word).  So, whatever. Here you go again.

We’ve written about Power Girl’s boobs before and since that post was very popular as well, here she is for an encore. We feel sorry for Kirk. He’s sure to get a super-smack. Maybe he likes that sort of thing though.

Power Girl getting her breasts grabbed

And for today’s bonus, this snip is hilarious. Even pious Kirk can’t resist a peak at Kathie Lee’s peaks (see 0:09). Kirk, just own up. You’re a boob man!

Kirk Cameron and a burning crossThis last image is just flat out lazy. What’s the message? That extremism breeds extremism? That loony Christians are fronts for the KKK? That Kirk Cameron legally changed his name to born Kirk Kyle Kameron? Ah, nuts. We spent the time making it, so here it is anyway.

Incidentally, Kirk may be heading to the fringe of the Lunatic Fringe, but his Kiwi buddy, Ray Comfort, goes bananas when it comes to evolution. We’ll maybe do a post on him in the future and share some of his bizarre perspectives on atheism, but now it’s past our bedtime.  Good night.


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