Zirk Short Story from Axel Pressbutton by Pedro Henry and Brian Bolland

We’ve highlighted Brian Bolland‘s work before. He’s one of our favorite artists from the early days when we discovered comics in college. Brian’s art is appealing because he adds so much detail and dimension to his work. His art is exceptionally deceptive (in a good way) because he makes his characters and backgrounds look proportional and anatomically correct but in actuality he slips a lot of cartooning in. The faces and bodies of his characters are usually more distinct than the stock fodder you might find in a more common comic book art. Here’s an example of his incredible technique from the landmark one-shot, Batman: The Killing Joke.

Brian Bolland's art from  Batman: The Killing Joke

The highlighted short story in this post is a backup from Axel Pressbutton, an Eclipse Comics series from the 1980s. The comic book came out during the creator-driven wave of quality stories and art released by publishers like Eclipse. This particular story was written by British comic book writer Steve Moore under his alias, Pedro Henry. Steve was already popular in the UK having been a substantial contributor to the 2000 AD anthologies. Here’s a little tidbit of comic book history:  Steve was also instrumental in helping Alan Moore learn to write comic book stories. There is no relation between the two Moores, by the way.

Zirk the Space Pervert from Axel Pressbutton

Zirk is a character in the sci-fi universe of Axel Pressbutton. He’s a slimy sexaholic creature that, despite his repulsive nature, has the incredible ability to turn on almost anything once he gets in contact with him/her/it. This short story is just plain silly but we like Bolland’s art so we’re posting it for your viewing pleasure.

Thumbnail for Brian Bolland story page 1 Thumbnail for Brian Bolland story page 2
Thumbnail for Brian Bolland story page 3 Thumbnail for Brian Bolland story page 4

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