Boy Wonder Movie Review

Boy Wonder Movie Poster

One of our favorite genres is the revenge thriller. Taken, Lucky Number Slevin, Man on Fire, Dead Man’s Shoes, Mad Max, The Punisher, Punisher: War Zone, and so forth. So, we were in the mood for something dark and gritty following our viewing of Headhunters. Boy Wonder (2010) has been sitting in our Netflix queue for some time and seemed like the right film for the occasion. Since we see virtually no mention of it anywhere, we suspect the movie didn’t perform well at the box office. Shame, that.

Boy Wonder Movie - Sean DonovanBoy Wonder (written and directed by Michael Morrissey) is set in New York City and centers around a small cast of family members, cops, and thugs. The film’s lead, Sean Donovan, is severely traumatized after watching his mother be brutally murdered. The film spends most of it’s time in Sean’s present day last year in high school with flashbacks occurring periodically as he continues to hunt for his mother’s killer. Perhaps to satiate his anger a little bit, he starts to take out some other thugs for their misdeeds, primarily criminals that have attacked women and children that are escaping justice.

Terry Donovan mourning the loss of Mary Donovan

A new hotshot detective, Teresa Ames, arrives at the precinct where Sean is operating and starts to notice connections surrounding the boy. She has her own issues with a criminal (Larry Childs) she has fought hard to get convicted but appears to be beating the rap. Things get complicated when Teresa’s and Sean’s obsessions intersect.

Sean Donovan and Teresa Ames, characters in Boy Wonder

This film is fairly simple, but some underlying elements make it more interesting than a straight on-revenge film like Death Wish. Sean is clearly disturbed and his demeanor shows a level of unhinged behavior. Every once in a while, the perspective of the film subtly shifts from reality to Sean’s distorted point of view. It makes Sean all the more dangerous because we aren’t quite sure if he’s losing his ability to clearly discern right from wrong. To a degree, this warped perspective reminds us of Donnie Darko.

Gary Stenson and Bill Baldwin, New York Detectives

If you like revenge films, this one is worth it. Our primary criticism is that the movie feels like it should go full tilt into the whole revenge thing with vicious thugs and criminal escape artists falling by the dozens. Instead it tries to straddle both a psychological treatment of a broken mind combined with a level of typical comeuppance that we thought we were going to see.  We would have enjoyed watching either but combined, the film feels like it tries to do too much and therefore accomplishes too little. Having said that, however, if you want a pure revenge thriller, it’s still worth watching in spite of what the critics thought.

Critics’ review at Rotten Tomatoes: 40%

Viewers’ review at IMDB: 6.7

Our review: 3 out of 5 stars

Mary Donovan is Sean’s doting mom. She is also dead after a brutal attack.

Mary and Sean Donovan Mary Donovan is attacked in Boy Wonder

Tony T the is a pedophile and with Stretch they are drug dealers that mess with the wrong guy

Tony T, character in Boy Wonder The hoodlums attack Sean Donovan Tony T is crippled by Sean Donovan

Joe Mancini is a pimp. Now, he is also Sean’s dead bitch.

Sean Donovan taking revenge on Joe Mancini Joe Mancini gets owned Sean Donovan shooting Joe Mancini, the pimp

Boy Wonder Wallpapers

Boy Wonder DVD cover Boy Wonder Movie Poster with Awards

Dick Grayson, Robin, the Boy Wonder from Detective Comics 38
Dick Grayson, Batman’s ward, is Robin, The Boy Wonder. His parents were circus trapeze artists that were killed by a gangster.

And lastly, here are two Boy Wonder characters from the DC Universe that also deserve to seek revenge.

Jason Todd, Robin, the Boy Wonder from Batman 368
Jason Todd was Batman’s second ward and Robin, The Boy Wonder. His parents were also circus performers but this time, they were killed by Killer Croc.


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