Wonder Woman pilot: Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?

Wonder Woman live action actresses

Wow. It’s amazing the things one can uncover when one dredges the bottom of the Internet. We’ve mentioned live action Wonder Woman appearances before (Brooke Shields in college, Angie Bowie on drugs, Cathy Lee Crosby in a goofy jump suit, Lynda Carter in all her voluptuousness, and dozens of times at comic book conventions). So, here’s one we had never heard of before. It’s probably not obscure to the average Wonder Woman aficionado but to the casual browser, here’s a piece of the Amazon Princess’ history you also may not have been aware of before you stumbled on our illustrious blog.

Back in 1967, somebody got the bright idea that Wonder Woman might make a hot property for a TV series since the zany and campy Batman show had done quite well. So, Batman producer William Dozier picked up the rights to create a show around the femme héroïque and hired comedy writers Larry Siegel and Stan Hart to do the honors in scripting a pilot episode.

It’s a confusing mess. The pilot was titled Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? which could have been more appropriately named Who the Hell is Diana Prince?. The title character is some self-possessed, man-needy, mother-oppressed annoyance that does not evoke at all what one might expect of the Mighty Amazon. Whereas the comedic turn of Batman in the silly TV series still portrayed the Man with the Cape and Pool Boy Partner as capable, dashing, and successful, Diana is portrayed as a awkward young woman that doesn’t even deserve a good spank.

Linda Harrison, Wonder Woman and Nova

The pilot was never aired. There are small things in life that sometimes give us a little pleasant surprise. This is not one of them.

Enjoy a news article at Newsarama.

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