Amanda MacKinnon Gaiman @#%!ing Palmer has wedded and bedded Neil Gaiman

We didn’t know that.  Yeah. We’re always late to the show. Well, a belated congratulations to show-off Amanda and Neil “The Pretty Tim Burton” Gaiman. Say, speaking of pronunciation, we’ve never bothered learning how to pronounce Neil’s last name. So, give us a few minutes and we’ll go find out somewhere on the World Wide Interweb.

Neil Gaiman, author

OK, got it. For those of you also in the out-of-the-know, it’s “/ˈɡeɪmən/” with emphasis on the first syllable. If you’ve forgotten your pronunciation tables like we have, we’ll help you out: “GAY-mun.” The name is Polish in origin. And now you know.

So anyway, “Amanda and Neil sitting on a log, scribing and chanting in a misty fog. First comes horror, then comes pain, then comes an amulet on a chain. Finger it, worship it, mark it with a “z” and soon there’ll be stories for gerds like me.” Hey, it’s the first image and music that came to mind when we closed our eyes and thought of that blessed/cursed union. Don’t judge us!

Eh. That’s pretty much it. We’re going over to Youtube now to watch some footage from Amanda’s latest catalog.

Amanda Fucking Palmer
Won’t someone pay attention to me?


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