Ile Juan de Nova – the island that’s shaped like a hat

We kind of like the islands of the Indian Ocean. Our favorites are Bird Island in Seychelles (although we’d better get some love from our fellow country folk or that will change) and the Maldives.  We’re going to add Ile Juan de Nova (Juan de Nova Island) to the list just because it looks like a broad rimmed hat.

Ile Juan de Nova (Juan de Nova Island)

Hmm. We wonder what Juan de Nova Island would look like in the funny books …

Action Comics number one, the first appearance of Superman

Peyton Riley, the Ventriloquist and Scarface the puppet
Is that a gangster on your thumb or are you just thinking about me?
The villainess Peyton Riley from Batman comics
We got this from a place called Emcosplay. It’s a French website. We don’t speak Frog, but clearly they have good taste. Go on, then. Go enjoy some cosplay. But you’d better come back. Scarface shouldn’t be left alone.

Will Eisner's The Spirit

Kid Colt vs. Doctor Danger and the Invisible Gunman
Doctor Danger’s hat is cool, but the Juan de Nova hat is aces.


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