Cheese, Please! Comic Book Characters


Our research indicates that there are seven comic book characters that are directly affiliated with cheese. There may be more, but that’s what we found. Rather than give you the full background, image galleries, and applicable links to good resources, we’ll settle with the list of characters and a brief synopsis. Sorry about the limited scope of the post.

Blue Cheese block1. Benny Blue (supporting character), Langier Publishers.

1st appearance: Funny Money #3 (1937).

About: Deli owner in the Marvin & Louise strips. Appeared several times in Funny Money issues 3-14. Marvin constantly repeated that Benny’s cheese sandwiches were “aces!” and since most of the story lines took place in or around the deli, the cheese sandwiches figured prominently in the stories.

A slice of Swiss cheese2. Swiss Miss (hero), Milestone Color Printers.

1st appearance: War Heroes #2 (1943).

About: Secret agent. Supposedly neutral socialite but really working with the Allied resistance. Helped Captain Robert Stanley and his Wonder Warriors cross the Alps to infiltrate and sabotage the German/Italian divisions in Northern Italy during WWII. Her family is apparently in the cheese business or something. She wears a brooch in the shape of a slice of cheese . Appeared again in War Heroes #5.

A block of Limburger cheese3. Col. Ludwig Von Limburger (villain), Starlight Enterprises.

1st appearance: Allied Assault #1 (1944).

About: Single issue by short-lived magazine company trying to capitalize on the anti-German nationalistic fervor during WWII. Col. Von Limburger was a an officer in the SS that converted his family’s cheese factory into a weapons manufacturing facility. The allies were able to thwart an attack by the Colonel’s unit, however, because they could smell them coming.

A slice of brie cheese4. Lorraine Brie (supporting character), Ace Comics

1st appearance: Four Favorites #7 (1948).

About: Beautiful and vampy. Made Lightning Lass jealous when she stole Lash Lightning’s attention. Only appeared in one issue in volume three. Daughter of a cheese exporter that trafficked ships through Egypt’s Suez Canal.

A bag of Russian quark cheese5. Comrade Cheese (villain), Marvel.

1st appearance:  Captain America Comics #77 (1954).

About: Russian spy. KGB mole in cheese factory in the Bronx. No contact with Captain America and only appeared in two panels. Disappeared and was never caught.

A slice of cheddar cheese6. Chester Cheese (goofball), Disney.

1st appearance: Walt Disney’s Wonderful World Vol 7 (1956)

About: Recurring character in one page backup stories in issues vol. 2, #62-79, 91-98, and 101. Obsessed with cheddar cheese. Always fitting it into his punchlines.

A round of hard cheese7. Hard Round (villain), DC

1st appearance: Sensation Comics #42 (1943)

About: Part of a crime syndicate that used specialty objects to destroy and kill. Famous for throwing deadly rounds of cheese at heroes and innocents. Was caught and went to prison but escaped by getting kitchen duty and getting a hold of cheese to break down the outer wall. Was caught and put into isolation where the warden mandated that he was not to get anymore cheese in his meals.

Others that didn’t cut the cheese: The Kurd Curd (a disparaging caricature from an Iraqi children’s comic book), Pierre Roquefort (not really a comic book character; he is an animated character on the short-lived The Cat’s Meow! series, Mario Mozzarella from a 1970s one-shot American Cheese Society advertising comic called Cheese if You Please, Mizithra, the Greek warrior that figures into an illustrated version of a book about Greek myths called The Adventures of Heracles of Macedon (no publication date), and Max Munster the villain in the CBS Saturday morning cartoon by the same name that ran from 1968-1971.


We like comics. And we like music. And we like movies. Pop culture is our game! But we also have a serious side. Current events, history, and politics are a part of the Comics A-Go-Go experience and we hope you find interesting things to read and look at while you traverse our website pages.

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