Heaven, Hell, or Houston

Houston, Texas sunrise

We learned something. Downtown Houston is dead on a Saturday night. Nothing’s open. At least not anywhere near the Toyota Center and the George R. Brown Convention Center. Not even homeless folk wander the deserted streets. Oh, we did see a cat. That was it though.

1100 Louisiana Office Building, Houston Texas
The fountain in front of the 1100 Louisiana building.

Anyway, all we wanted was a hamburger or a smamich or something that would be considerably cheaper than the food at the hotel. We’ve talked about our laziness before in many of our posts. Have we mentioned how cheap we are too? We’re cheap. Very.

Wells Fargo Plaza building, Houston, TX
Bleh. When one is very bored and has nothing else to do on a late night jaunt, one shoots pictures of office buildings.

So, nothing. We walked around for probably an hour using GPS on our phones (OK, we’re not cheap enough to live without a data plan; ‘cuz that’s just nuts) looking for a Wendy’s or Burger King or Subway or a Smoothie King or … ANYTHING! Nada. On our loop back, we finally saw some people. They were huddled at the Main Street Square MetroRail station. And, what to our wondering eyes should appear right across the tracks on the SW corner of Main and Walker? Just A Dollar and Budget Food Store. Food craving satisfied.

Just a Dollar & Budget Food Convenience Store in Houston, Texas
“Come for the frozen burritos. Stay for the $2.99 sunglasses. ” We could have gotten a bunch of different convenience store gut busters, but all we really wanted was chocolate ice cream (we’re lazy, cheap, AND love chocolate — that pretty much sums it up for us).

So, we got our pint of Dreyer’s Chocolate Ice Cream for about $3 and headed back to the Hilton Americas (ah – you’re thinking “but you said y’all were cheap.” Yes, well, we weren’t paying for our room since it was a business trip that took us to Houston). But, dammit, we forgot to get a spoon. So, we enjoyed an episode of Futurama on Netflix and ate our ice cream with a coffee stirring stick. And that, friends, is how you do things while on a business trip to Heaven, Hell, or Houston.

Dreyer's Chocolate Ice Cream
This is a still life study of a lamp, a hotel phone, a phone charger, and chocolate ice cream. No photographer can touch us. We ooze talent.
Hilton Americas Hotel in Downtown Houston Texas
We have no idea why we thought it was a good idea to shoot a picture of the Hilton on our walk back from the convenience store. Who cares, right?
A soap bar molded as a massager
Well, isn’t that clever? A bar of soap that is molded into a massager. It actually felt pretty good on the feet.

The inspiration for the title of the post is from a ZZ Top song off their 1981 El Loco album. Take a moment to listen to this quirky little ditty, which is also about business travel, incidentally.

ZZ Top album cover for El Loco
Who us, boss? Not us, boss. We just found it here.

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