Dog Fighting and Malevolent Pricks – A Match Made in Hell

Dog fighters are cowardly . We’re trying to keep our blog in the PG-13 area, so we can’t express words in a manner we would prefer, but bluntly put,  if you support, participate in, or sympathize with dog fighting and dog baiting, get the  off our blog.

Sadly, as you’ve seen in some of our posts, there are those of our species that have disconnected themselves from the ability to love and cherish life in all its forms. How people can abuse the species that is most assuredly the most human-friendly is mind-boggling and gut-wrenching. The laws are not strong enough and community support is not cohesive enough to ensure the hammer is dropped as hard as it should be on the sadistic little fucks (oops – but we believe that at least one F-word is allowed in a PG-13 forum) that run dog fighting rings, and that find abandoned street animals and pets (yes, seriously) for bait.  We were reading some of the threads on the Game Dog forum as we did research for this post and were blown away that the quoted news reports about dog-fighting generated discussion on the malignment of Pit Bull owners rather on the barbarism of the “sport.” We know two game doggers and if others are like these two, they are the canine versions of NAMBLA members. We don’t follow the logic of breeding game dogs for the purpose of “theoretical” fighting capabilities while stopping short of the ultimate act. Do educate us if we’ve missed the point, we ask  with thinly veiled sarcasm.

Injured dogThis is an example of what a dog looks like after a fight. This one actually survived. There is a great likelihood he or she will be put down because the physical and emotional damage are too severe. We were going to link out rather than actually show a picture of this on our blog, but outrage prevailed. If you’re at our blog for “the funny,” please stick around and cruise our pages, but we wanted to use any forum at our disposal to add our voice to the call for real action against dog fighting.

For you fence sitters and deluded objectors, dog fighting is just a small, organized side of animal abuse. Abuse is far more prevalent than you think. Go to your local animal shelter and sit in the lobby for a day, watch the animals that come in or are already there, and talk to one of the administrators about the quantity of animals that they deal with that come from abusive situations.

Dog fighting ring
So, this is what dog fighters look like. It’s a shame we can’t see their faces more clearly. It’s not a shame but you should be aware nonetheless that castration was the verdict originally sought by the jury. The judge concurred but castration is no longer a punishment option in the U.K., so the majority of the participants were fined the equivalent of the cost of a new refrigerator. The most active participants got a few months in prison. The two dead dogs stayed dead forever.


OK, we like a bit of sport now and again, and we don’t want to deny others the enjoyment of their own games. Dog fighters should have the right to play too. Here’s our proposal, then. In order to receive the privilege of participating in dog fights, the player must first best a professional fighter from the Knock Out Dog Fighting organization in a one-on-one, hand-to-hand caged match. On the off chance a player wins the fight, he or she must then take on a pit bull while naked. On the off chance that a player wins that fight, he or she must then spend a month on a PETA whaling boat. On the off chance that a player doesn’t mysteriously end up overboard and drown, he or she must be strapped to a chair, blindfolded, and gagged while listening to 100 children tell them how they felt when their dog was dognapped by other dog fighters. On the off chance that the player comes out of that session cocky and ready for game, he or she will be allowed to participate in a dog fight. Once the fight is over, however, he or she will be disemboweled and forced to watch chained dogs eat his or her entrails. Ew! We’re starting to make ourselves sick. Still, fair is fair.

Fortunatately for a very few animals, they get a second lease on life from human beings that still feel the natural emotions of empathy, responsibility, and love for animals. Oogy is a Dogo Argentine, an animal bred specifically for power, hunting, and most recently for sport (again, we use that word with hyper-sarcasm). He was used as a bait dog when he was very young. Dog baiting is the act of testing the aggressive abilities of a fighting dog by putting him or her into a space with another dog who’s sole purpose is to be demolished by the primary animal. Dogs aren’t the only bait — housecats, rabbits, and other mammals are also used.  Many of the bait animals were former pets that we stolen from their families. At any rate, we wish that dog fighting and animal abuse in general didn’t exist but if we couldn’t purge society of the cancer, we wish that every animal could find a loving home like Oogy.

Speaking of Michael Vick and Fantasy Football … Vick is our pick for play of the day.

Michael Vick being chased by a dog
See Vick,
See Bruiser,
See Bruiser take a bite out of Vick’s ass
Run, Vick, Run!


We like comics. And we like music. And we like movies. Pop culture is our game! But we also have a serious side. Current events, history, and politics are a part of the Comics A-Go-Go experience and we hope you find interesting things to read and look at while you traverse our website pages.

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