Tsar Bomba Goes Nuclear or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Dr. Strangegloves

Tsar Bomb

In 1961, the Cold War was burning red hot with the Americans and Russians building arsenals of earth-shredding proportions.  Nuclear bomb testing was all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s, and the world had never seen such power controlled by humans before. It was a period of wet dreams for scientists and militarists and explosion fetishists.  Bomb after bomb exploded below ground, on the ground, in the atmosphere, in the ocean, on the moon (sure, why not) — yeah, about 750 in total. So it was that in the wonderful year 1961 of our Dread Lord, the Russians pulled their biggest penis out and showed the world who was boss.



… bah. This post is going to take too much time to write if we’re going to do it right. So screw it. Here are some inane facts and fiction about the Tsar Bomba:

Hippie Feet
In the end, it’s always the hippies.

Tested Yield: 50 Mt. That’s big. Like really big. Like a lot bigger than the can we filled up with Black Cat firecrackers and lit off on our roof one day (which led to momentary deafness and some panic)

So what happened: oh, a couple of noticeable things like a shock wave travelling around the globe 3 times before it wasn’t perceptible anymore, and an 8.1 Richter rocker.

So what happened after the dust had settled: Americans and Russians shit their pants. And then they built more bombs. Over 60,000 bombs combined at their peak. Seriously. And they did it with milk money taken from school children.

How come there aren’t any more nuclear bomb tests: Sort of pointless now. Delivery systems are more meaningful. You just need to get the bomb to the general area and it will take care of those pesky civilians.

What does this have to do with Dr. Strange, the Mystic Black Magician of Marvel: Nothing other than we thought we were being clever when we made up the pictures and title for this post.

Marvel Comics Characters
Watch out! Doc Strange-Gloves is about to go nuclear!

Eh. We won’t hold it against you if you don’t really care for this post. Just watch the big boom.

Russian Nuclear Bomb
The austere imagery is nightmarish and the sound of this explosion will scare the hair off your balls. Put on your headphones and crank up the volume. Refresh if you get no sound.

Slo-Mo Exlodo A-Go-Go!

Slim Pickens

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