What’s your favorite Batmobile?

Batmobile favorites

The sale of the Number 1 Batmobile from the 1966 TV series got us thinking. Each live action Batmobile was quite distinct from the other (with the exception of the Tumbler series which had different features and color schemes, but were mostly the same).  So, we wondered what the most popular Batmobile might be among our readers. For ourselves, we have to admit that we like the Tumbler mostly because the Batpod comes out of it (how cool is that?!).  But for as campy as the 1960s version is, it brings fond memories from childhood for some of us that saw the reruns on basic cable.

Anyway, what’s your favorite Batmobile? If you like some other version better, write it in …. even one from the comics or animated shows or whatever. As always, you don’t have to login to vote.

Check out the original comic book versions. If there is one in particular you like from the comics, tell us what issue to find it in or share a picture!

Batman's car
The first “Batmobile” was just a regular red sedan. It probably wouldn’t strike fear into hoodlums if some caped and cowled dude jumped out of a regular car.
Early version of Batmobile
So, Batman got himself a convertible coupe with a roaring engine. Still, it was more likely to woo the dames than make the gangsters tremble.
The first “real” Batmobile in Batman #5 (1941). Now that’s what we’re talking about!

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