The original Batmobile sells for $4.2 million dollars!

Batman TV show logo 1966

Holy samolies, Batfans! After sitting in private hands for over 45 years, the original Batmobile from the iconic and campy 1960s TV show sold at auction last Saturday. The Batmobile’s creator, George Barris, has kept it in his private collection all along, but at 87 years of age he felt it was time to pass the baton to someone that would cherish it as well.

Batman and Robin running to the Batmobile

The original Batmobile was based on a concept platform of a car called the Futura which was developed in Italy for the Ford Motor Company. After all of the customizations, the car cost a whopping $250,000 (the equivalent of about US$2 million today).  With fees, the private collector from Phoenix Arizona paid US$4.6 million. It’s still a functional car so it would be interesting to see how it would perform today in a race with one of the Tumblers. We doubt that will happen, but it would be cool.

Batmobile 1966 Number 1

Batmobile, George Barris

In case you missed our original post from last year, here are pictures of the Batmobiles from the Warner Bros. Extra Stage event at San Diego last July. All of the Batmobiles were on display including the 1966 Number 1.

Batmobile, George Barris

Batmobile, George Barris

Barak Obama in Batmobile
As an avid comic book fan, there was no way President Obama could pass up the opportunity to visit the Warner Bros. Extra Stage to check out all of the Batmobiles on display including Number 1 Batmobile from the 1966 TV show. George Barris gave him a chance to sit in the iconic car.


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