100,000 page views later …

Page ViewsWell, here we are. Sixteen months after launching an insipid little blog for no other reason than to have something to do with our playtime, we have created more than 300 posts and over 2,600 images. We also just crossed a couple of milestones. Comics A-Go-Go! has been viewed by the mildly curious in 150 counties (thank you Laos for pushing us over the top).  Depending on how one interprets the definition of countries and country-ish entities, that still leaves 50-75 that need to get on board (yeah, we’re looking at you Seychelles… we even claimed you as our current address in one of our posts — geez, some gratitude).

100 Grand Candy BarThe big number, though, is the 100,000 page view mark.  We had no aspirations of getting more than a couple hundred visitors a month, but in the last three months, we are getting more than 250-300 unique visitors and about 400 pages daily. And that number jumped a bit more this month. So, thanks! Come back often. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies — we don’t care!

Just out of curiosity, we wondered what most of the types of people are that visit our site. So, we looked at our most popular posts and this is what we deduced:

Based on our least popular posts, we figured this out about our visitors:

  • You are not big fans of Kim Kardashian (this surprised us, but we assume that you are seriously mistaken in thinking this website is high-brow or that the search engines may not be giving us enough credit for this awesome post)
  • You think Asterix and the Banquet is mediocre (yes, that)
  • You are not vampire lovers

Ronald McDonald

So, help us celebrate. Print off copies of this US$100,000 bill, order yourself a Big Mac at McDonald’s, and when you give them the “money” ask for your change back in quantities of (3) $20 bills, (18) $10 bills, (7) $5 bills, and the rest in $2 bills. And then give the manager a hug. She’s having a rough day because her fry cook quit, no one understands the drive-through attendant, and some kid just threw up in all over the plastic utensils, straws, and napkins.

$100,000 United States money
Ever wondered what it feels like to be buried up to your neck in the desert next to an ant hill with honey poured on your head?
Find out!
Print the image above (be sure to print the bill with the front and back like real money). Call up your local dealer, tell him you want to buy $100,000 worth of meth, but you won’t deal with him because he’s small fry, and tell him you want to get it from his boss instead. When you get to the meet, give him the $100,000 fake bill and tell him to suck it. Voilà! Desert. Head. Honey. Ants. Ouch.

We’ve celebrated other milestones, too. Take a look at our 10,000 page views post, our 25,000 page views post, and our 50,000 page views post.

Author: comicsagogo.com

We like comics. And we like music. And we like movies. Pop culture is our game! But we also have a serious side. Current events, history, and politics are a part of the Comics A-Go-Go experience and we hope you find interesting things to read and look at while you traverse our website pages.

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