Animal Man’s favorite burger: Portabello Brie

Animal Man comic book characterAnimal Man is the DC Universe’s equivalent to J. Wellington Wimpy. He loves a variety of meatless dishes, but his favorites are burgers. Simple, juicy, luscious burgers. If he’s on the go, he mows down a bunch of soy patty sliders, but if he’s got a while to kick back and enjoy a real treat, he’ll whip out a couple of fat portabello mushrooms, fry them up in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, add some yummy, flavor-rich greens, layer on sauteed onions and peppers, and top ‘n’ bottom the smamich off with multi-grain bun for a mmm-mmm taste delight.

As for cheesing the burger … Animal is technically a vegan. Well, most of the time. However, he does have a soft spot for cheese and will occasionally indulge if the cheese is made in humane, organic farms.  Hey, nobody’s perfect. Besides, cheese is God’s way of saying, “You don’t have to be miserable all of the time.” Same with honey and chocolate. Benevolence abounds.

Here’s a recipe for a scrumdiddliumpious portabello burger with brie cheese. We’ve tried them and they get three thumbs up. We actually like mixing ketchup with the vegan mayo for a creamy, tangy zip too. Give the burger a try. What’s good enough for Buddy Baker should be good enough for you.

Meatless burgers
Just look at that yummy goodness…! Click the pic to get the recipe.

What you need to know about Animal Man…here’s another Comics A-Go-Go! lazy bio special!

Who he is: a dude named Bernhard Baker who goes by the nickname “Buddy.”

When he showed up: Buddy first appeared in DC’s Strange Adventures #180 (1965).

What’s so special about him: he has the ability to mimic the attributes of animals in his proximity. So, he can fly if there is a bird nearby. He can jump like a kangaroo, swim like a tuna, scream like a howler monkey, and gore pygmies like a rhinoceros. He has been known to snort like a pig, burrow like a shrew, and eat bamboo like a panda. What he has never been able to master though is that head bobbing thing that parrots do so well.

Here are some relevant covers: Strange Adventures #180, Animal Man #1 (1980), and Animal Man #1 (2011).

First Appearance of Animal Man

Animal Man Comic Book Character

Animal Man Comic Book Character


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