Shopping for the holidays

Shopping, long lines

Want to make your holiday shopping experience at Walmart less unbearable? Here is a list of 5 things we did this year that accomplished just that … somewhat anyway:

  1. Went shopping at 11pm on Black Friday. Sure there were still lines, but, hey, we’ve been to Comic-Con several times, so it actually wasn’t too bad.
  2. Rummaged around in the “return-to-shelf” shopping carts. See, the door busters are almost always gone very quickly. So, unless you plan to camp out to get in the store early (and risk not getting what you want anyway), assume failure and don’t bother going until later (or not at all). Well, guess what? Some early buyers are inclined to grab and hoard. That way, they have the option of changing their mind on the items if their impetuous buying goes cold. And so it was with a Toshiba 1TB external USB 3.0 disk drive. Normally over $100, this drive was advertised for $60 as a Black Friday door buster. We were planning to wait on electronics purchases until after 2013 price drops, but hey, this was a great deal and after food, family, friends, and fun, what else was there to do that night except hang out with the good people of Walmart. Anyway, long story short, found a drive under a bunch of clothes and other assorted items in a shopping cart by the changing rooms. Score!
  3. Took random pictures for our blog. We didn’t have any particular thought about what we’d use and most of it was garbage anyway (who wants to see yet another picture of Walmart trolls?). The only two we kind of liked are here.
  4. Chatted up the cute lady on aisle 14. We don’t even remember what was on aisle 14. We do remember she was cute. And that made the insipid details about her holiday traditions so much more interesting.
  5. Made faces at babies. What’s a holiday season without babies smiling and giggling?

DVDs and Blu-rays

A wave of consumption towered over us like a tsunami

Shadows in parking lot

Asphalt shadows in waning Fall sunlight


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