Movie Review by Jordan: The Dark Knight Rises


We asked Jordan to do another review for us. Jordan is a seventeen-year-old high school student that, like many of his peers, looks forward to blockbuster action films every summer. This year, The Dark Knight Rises is one of his favorites. Here’s his take on things.

Movie ReviewsIn the movie, Batman becomes the greatest hero he could possibly be and he does just like the title says. He rises.  In my opinion and in many others opinions this is the greatest Batman ever and its because of Bane.  Bane (Tom Hardy) is a criminal mastermind with the idea of anarchy but he knows how simple anarchy can be, if Bane wanted to set the world on fire he could.  If he wanted to end it he could.  He is more powerful than any previous villain and he doesn’t run from Batman because Batman doesn’t stand a chance on winning a fight with him Bane is a  wall of pure muscle and none of it slows him down.

The Dark Knight RisesBane is the greatest part of the movie but there are several others that make it even more amazing.  Catwoman is one of them.  Catwoman is a hot, heartless, high class thief that gets whatever she wants and will deceive anyone to get it.  But the thing that makes The Dark Knight Rises the best is like I said he does indeed rise.  By that I mean he becomes a true superhero there is no more Bruce Wayne.  Batman knows what he needs to do to save Gotham and he is willing to sacrifice his life, all of his power, and all of his money if he has to.  Batman no longer makes mistakes. He is fully matured and throws his life at Bane hoping to stop him in order to save Gotham.

Anne Hathaway

Take it from him. The Dark Knight is a fantastic wrap-up to an immensely powerful trilogy from Christopher Nolan. We shall miss your hand at the rudder, Chris, but look forward to your next treasure. We’re not big Superman fans, but Chris hasn’t failed us yet. Subject matter aside, Chris puts out quality movie making every time.  One final note from Jordan: TDKR is his second favorite of the series. The Dark Knight still reigns supreme.

Thanks again, Jordan. We look forward to your next review.



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