Godfrey’s Last Stand – Blueberry Heaven

If you’re ever in upstate New York around this time of the year (well actually the best time is probably late July), visit Godfrey’s Last Stand in Phoenix, New York. The store front sells fruits and vegetables from a small family farm. The best of the best are the blueberries. If you like them already picked for you, get a couple of baskets at the store. But if you’re adventurous, go to the nearby blueberry patch. We’re not entirely sure of the acreage, but the field is plenty big to accommodate a lot of pickers. At the seasonal peak, the bushes are typically heavy with the little blue nuggets of awesomeness. Actually, some of the berries aren’t so little. Finding a quarter size blueberry isn’t too uncommon.

The patch has several varieties of blueberries. Our favorites are from the older bushes on the west-center part of the field. Those berries are super delicious and have a higher acid content than some of the milder strains so the flavors explode in your mouth. Mmmm. MMM-MMM. GOOD!  We eat these things by the pound. Forget about stomach problems. We’ll deal with that later. Right now, heaven awaits.

Pick your own blueberries

We’re not sure what we’re doing wrong with the embed, but click on the larger map and click the search button again. It’ll show you the way.

For some reason Bing shows the store location (1232 State Route 264, Phoenix, New York) and the Google Map shows the blueberry patch. Anyway, we’ve got you covered.

This is the location of the patch. It’s the grey shape in the middle.

And here’s our gratuitous comic book tie-in. The popular European graphic novels, Blueberry (written by Jean-Michel Charlier and illustrated by Jean “Mœbius” Giraud), tell the tales of Mike Blueberry, a wandering hero in the Old West period of the United States. That’s all we’re going to say about it.

European comics

Let’s take one more look at what happiness is all about. Doesn’t this look just like pure joy?

So, go visit Godfrey’s Last Stand and be pleased with yourself. And if any of you would like to volunteer to build the folks at Godfrey’s a website, that would be lovely. For our part, we love Godfrey’s but our laziness takes precedence.

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3 thoughts on “Godfrey’s Last Stand – Blueberry Heaven”

  1. Yes, blueberries (and berries in general) made the long and depressing winters almost bearable. Almost. If we had our druthers (and if we were swimming in disposable income), we would vacation one weekend a year in the Finger Lakes area and spend all of our days in the fields and all of our evenings wandering the towns off of I-90.

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