Twilight: Breaking Dawn cast at Comic-Con

Rather than write a useful post about Comic-Con, or anything else for that matter, you get this.

See if you can name the cast members in a short video we shot at the Summit Entertainment booth at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

Want to know how we know this? Well since we know as much about the Twilight phenomena as we know about the reason for the popularity of anime, we had to do some research. We couldn’t place him, but we finally figured out that the blonde-headed kid played a disturbed teenager on the short-lived TV show “Terriers.” As for fedora boy, we also couldn’t place him until we scoured through the cast list on IMDB. Checking his credits we discovered that w knew him from an episode of “Burn Notice.”  As for the others, we have never seen any of their work (except maybe the one in the forefront since she was an uncredited casino girl in The World Is Not Enough).

So, go take a stab at it on Youtube. See if you can catch any others in the grainy video. Some should be obvious if you know who the cast members are, but we got tired of researching (and we’re wondering why the hell we did it anyway, especially considering we will probably never take the time to watch the movies). We count 11 people in the booth itself. Some of booth support staff, but who are the rest?


******UPDATE: Oh, crap! We just discovered that one of us already did a post on this stupid little video snip from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. And the other post was even more useless than this one. Whatever. At least in this one we’re giving you a chance to flex your pop culture muscles. So, bleh.

Guri Weinberg
Mia Maestro
Noel Fisher
Judith Shekoni
Casey LaBow


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