DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk

We only managed to get into one panel at the Comic-Con this year. You know, what with only two days of badges instead of a full four day pass with preview night. Yeah, that.

Anyway, we really liked How to Train Your Dragon so we were excited to attend a panel that introduced a new TV series based on the movie. Here are the highlights.


Cartoon Network

The panel was held Thursday and was produced by Cartoon Network and DreamWorks. The upcoming series picks up after the story ends in the movie. Our troupe of young trainers discovers that dragons are indeed trainable but they take a lot more work than the kids originally planned. Added to the drama is the introduction of a lot of new, unruly dragons. As the show progresses, there will be new characters besides the dragons, and there will be at least one bad guy.

A 15-minute preview was shown to audience. It was comprised of an extended version of the trailer below plus a ton of additional footage, some of which was in the preliminary stages of CGI development. Pretty neat stuff. The audience liked what we were seeing and from where we sit, we think it’s going to be a load of fun. One of the funniest snippets was of Chief Stoick the Vast getting his own dragon. The picture below shows what he looks like. Kind of horrifying, actually. Perfect for a Viking chieftain, we suppose

Cartoon Network

All the main characters are still there. The producers were also very happy to announce that they got voice actors Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera back as Hiccup and Astrid respectively. Some of the other actors are back as well.

Cartoon Network TV series
Here’s a screen shot of the gang from the panel. Before you say it: a) yes, we know we’re not supposed to take pictures during a panel presentation; we feel badly – but not enough to regret it; b) yes, our camera sucks; deal with it.

So, yeah. The show debuts this fall on Cartoon Network. There’s a CN preview on August 7th at 7:30pm. Be there. Or, not. Just catch the show when it comes out.

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4 thoughts on “DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk”

  1. Cool do you mind giving a detailed description of the footage shown since the people who couldn’t go didn’t get to see it, pretty please???

    1. The main highlights were:

      – Jay and America are returning. Many of the others too. New voices including Mark Hamill (big cheers from the audience) and Tim Conway.
      – There’s a sort of a hermit with a sheep dimwitted sheep sidekick that provide cantankerous humor and difficulties for the main characters. His name is Mildew and he crusades against the dragons. There are other more sinister villains that seek to harness the power of the dragons for their own evil plans so there will be some tense moments like in the film.
      – The stories were painstakingly set up to avoid re-using any material from the film. In fact, you won’t need to have seen the film to catch on quickly.
      – Hiccup and Astrid start a school to deal with the dragons. By nature, the creatures aren’t docile … thus the need for training. The footage showed a lot of dragon tomfoolery destroying homes and property – just because they don’t know any better. The villagers seem to tolerate the chaos (they are Vikings after all), but eventually enough is enough and Stoick instructs the kids to start the school. There were several funny scenes that involve dragons and sheep. The dragons are trying their hardest to behave and the sheep go from terrified to indifferent. Anyway, hard to describe humor but there’s plenty of it.
      – A bunch of new dragons with new powers will be introduced. – Toothless has a new power (guarded secret, apparently)
      – Stoick gets his own dragon. It’s a horrific looking thing with a massive mouth and endless teeth.
      – The animation is phenomenal. Basically the same as the film. Great shots of soaring dragons and such. The 15-minute preview showed a clip of what you see linked on our blog, but also included a lot of dialogue and unfinished CGI work. Since this is a TV series, there will be a lot of opportunity to flesh out the characters, so everybody is looking forward to that.
      – As said, the stories will have a lot of humor and there was quite a bit of laughter from the audience.
      – The members of the panel mostly spoke about development and production. Cartoon Network has picked up two full seasons and the show will debut this fall. DreamWorks and CN really made a strong bond for this series. They emphasized how important quality would be for both art and story and both are committed to making this a regular series.
      – From what we could tell, the stories aren’t necessarily continuous. Seems more like a sitcom with self-contained stories. Obviously, some things will stick as they do in any TV show when new characters are introduced or new elements have a big impact.
      – In all, very positive feedback from the audience. This kind of reminds us of the higher quality productions from other film-to-TV spin offs like Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda.

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