“Shane, get mommy a pillow”

… funniest line from Weeds Season 4.


We should write about Weeds at some point. We’re cruising through the seasons on Netflix right now. Hm. Mixed feelings. Liking the characters, liking the black humor, just not so sure about the drugs (then why the HELL are you watching the damn show, you might ask — good question; our answer is: “Mary-Louise Parker”) and the involvement of children in very adult situations. It’s probably never appropriate for a tweener to use the “C” word, for example.

Anyway, the last line from episode 4: “The Whole Blah Damn Thing” is a perfect little summation of … blah, as is so eloquently noted in Andy’s beautifully rendered moment of reflection on the “blah” of life. Come to think of it, the whole episode is just well written.

Here’s the text for Andy’s mini-speech to Silas as Andy, Silas, and Shane ponder pulling the plug (literally) on grandma/great-grandma “Bubbie,” who is old, on life support, and wishing to die.

Weeds“Look, Silas. Life is just blah, blah, blah. You hope for Blah, and sometimes you find it, but mostly it’s blah. And waiting for blah. And hoping you were right about the blahs you made. And then, just when you think you’ve got the whole blah damn thing figured out, and you’re surrounded by the ones you blah, death shows up. And blah, blah, blah.”

Author: comicsagogo.com

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