You’ve been waiting for Comic-Con details.

Sorry about that. We suck. Too much going on (or we’re just lazy), but we’ll get stuff going soon. What can you expect?  Well…

  • Stuff we saw on the exhibitor floor
  • Cosplay pictures (love those costumes!); a general group of pictures… and some sexy ones too
  • San Ysidro (why it’s a great place to stay … mostly)
  • The only panel we got into (A Cartoon Network How to Train Your Dragon TV show called “DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk“)
  • What happens when you lose a badge
  • Why the San Diego Zoo is a great activity for pre- or post-show things to do
  • Why Comic-Con is both one of the funnest experience during the year and sheer hell all at the same time
  • What we picked up (mostly swag) and what you can buy if you’d like

And probably more stuff …

We’re not going to pretend that Comics A-Go-Go! is the definitive authority on the Con. There are plenty of news outlets and bloggers that will bury you in blow-by-blow accounts of the events in and around Comic-Con. But, you’ll get some anecdotes, videos, and pictures to add to your own experience (if you went) or your envy (if you didn’t)

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