Movie Review: Prometheus


Guest review by Jordan 

PrometheusWe asked Jordan, a 17-year-old misanthrope and movie buff to write a post for us. Comics A-Go-Go! is pleased to bring you one of his reviews. 

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott – Director of Prometheus

Prometheus is a movie that keeps you guessing and wondering from start to finish.  From the time you see the previews you start to wonder and when the movie starts the questioning becomes even more.  What it is all about is curiosity, two explorers Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) want nothing more than to learn the true origins of mankind.  Sometime in the future they get an opportunity to do just that.  They and 15 others take a private spacecraft named Promethues on a 2 year journey to a distant planet where everyone belives they will find answers to the origin of humanity.

Prometheus movie 2012

From the moment they land problems start occuring and the curiosity increases dramaticly faster and faster the crew starts making discoveries but it only increases everyones questions.  In the end things end in an incredible fashion where most of your questions are left unanswerd but the future is clear and everyones intentions are well known.

Prometheus crew

The feelings of this movie are crazy the whole time I felt just like I should.  Like someone who just landed on planet with billions of discoveries to be made and only a short time to find them.  The whole time I was scared, scared of the unknown, scared of the possiblites and scared of the decisions people are making. But I loved every moment of it.

Prometheus Movie

In sumary this movie will build you up anyway possible just to blow your mind again and again at the end.

Thank you Jordan. We are looking forward to seeing the film. Here are the trailers…


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