Missing for 48 years, Higgs finally finds his boson!

It’s now a fact. After being predicted by theoretical physicist Peter Higgs almost 50 years ago, the existence of the Higgs boson is now proof positive. The boson is an essential building block in the creation of the universe, and the validation of its existence virtually completes the Standard Model of particle physics.  Why is it important? The Higgs boson is a key element in creating mass. Without it, we our “stuff” wouldn’t stick together so we wouldn’t “be.”

That’s about as much as Comics A-Go-Go! is going to say on the matter (heh, matter..). Here’s what more informed people are going to tell you.

The New York Times

The Telegraph

National Geographic

Video from the Huffington Post

How the Collider works: LA Times

Of course, the news is going to be everywhere, but we wanted to bring it to you first.  Enjoy a moment of awesomeness!

Not science fiction. Science fact! The massive collider in Cern reveals the hiding place of one of the most important little tykes in the universe.

Author: comicsagogo.com

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