DC’s gay superhero is …

Rich Johnson over at Bleeding Cool has apparently heard from reliable sources that Alan Scott is the “major iconic DC character”  soon to be crowned DC’s gay icon. You read it right. Alan Scott. The first Green Lantern. Major Iconic DC Character Alan Scott.

DC gay characterSeriously? Way to play it safe, DC. We put a Green Lantern on a short list but we thought it might be Hal Jordan. Maybe Hal’s history wouldn’t lend itself to a gay outing? However, Alan Scott has been married twice (well three times if you count schizophrenic Rose & Thorn as two separate women) and has had four children by both Rose & Thorn and The Harlequin.  Sure, many gay men wander off the reservation after being married and siring children by females. So, really no surprise there, but that means DC could have made the conversion work for anyone. We still think Supes is in denial. Wonder Woman as a dyke is also a maybe. Batman isn’t gay, he’s just an occasional creep (we hate even saying that, but if you look at early Batman and Robin stories, some of them make us very uncomfortable; consenting adults – no problem, young boys – big problem).

There are a bevy of characters DC could have used. Alan Scott wasn’t what we expected or think would be the best choice. Eh. Underwhelmed are we.

Poll time. Tell us what you think.

DC Character
Yikes! Apparently gay men aren’t very good at choosing their beards. Incidentally, we’d like to see a Rose & Thorn vs. Typhoid Mary crossover. Who’d take away the crown in that freak show?


DC Character
No self-respecting gay man with any sense of style would ever have thought this mess of an outfit had anything going on. Enough is enough, already.

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