Toon’s Fave Tune: Deadpool has Eyes for Billy Idol

Deadpool: Marvel Coimcs

Um. Holy Hell. We were beginning to research and write this post, and found ourselves overwhelmed by the biographical data available about Deadpool. So, we’re going to synposisizelate the whole affair and let you read more about the dude on Marvel Wikia.

Deadpool, Marvel ComicsWho be he? Deadpool is a mercenary. He is a smart ass mercenary. In the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool was played by Ryan Reynolds. Also a smart ass.

Deadpool is actually kind of a cool character. Sadly, he was created by Rob Liefield. Rob is the guy that destroyed the universe. We shall write about him in a future post. Not surprisingly, Rob’s version was a steroidal, over-the-top all muscly and swordsy goofnut who was waaaay too serious for his pajamas and was kind of a bad guy. After Rob left for deader pastures, Deadpool evolved into a good guy of sorts with a clever sense of humor and what not. He’s still stuck with a Liefeld-esque moniker, though. At least it’s not as bad as “Shatterstar.”

Rob Liefeld
Bleh. Cool character by an uncool artist. Rob Liefeld, thank you for creating Deadpool and … well, that’s pretty much it. Maybe Domino. Not so much Cable.

Marvel DatabaseAnd the rest of the stuff is handily available to you at various outlets including the Marvel Database at Wikia and Main. Saunter over to the Marvel DB once you’ve exhausted your giggles on (at?) our humble site. In the hallowed halls of Wikia wisdom, we learn that Deadpool dated a blue-skinned prostitute and he was involved in the Weapon X program (the same deal-e-o that spit out Wolverine and Sabertooth … but you already knew that).

And, our boy has a facial problem. Like, he has no face. Just a gaping, twisted maw and eyeballs. So when he pulls on his mask to hide his ugliness, BAM! … no face, just eyes. And that, kids, is why his favorite song is Billy Idol‘s hit “Eyes Without a Face.” Wanna know something weird? It was actually his favorite song before he entered the Weapon X program and before the cancer seriously deformed his countenance.  So, you know, kind of ironic. Not in an Alanis Morissette sort of way. Well, yeah, actually, maybe. Anyway, weird little coinkidink.

Marvel Comics characters
Ahhh! Don’t shoot them, Wade! Daredevil and the Punisher are two of the only reasons we read Marvel.

Deadpool comic book character

Marvel Zombieverse
Fresh from the the Marvel Zombieverse, the zombie version of Deadpool (called Headpool) makes it into the Marvel standard (616) universe. After wreaking some havoc, his hideously disfigured and zombified head is decapitated. Apparently, things really can get worse.

Billy Idol

Billy Idol‘s a rocker from the UK that hit it big during the 1980s. His music is probably best described as a punk version of British New Wave. Danceable synthesizer sounds and guitars with a snarl. His album Rebel Yell, was a smash and contained several goodies like the titular track, “Flesh for Fantasy,” “Catch My Fall,” and of course, “Eyes Without a Face.” Billy had four solid albums between 1982 and 1990. After that, “The Accident” came, then malaise, and then the inevitable oldies circuit. At least he still looks tough. Tough as in bad-ass, not tough as in the leathery face of Mick Jagger.

Billy IdolBilly was born in 1955 and started his musical career with an early version of a band that ended up being Siouxsie and the Banshees. Ready for another coincidence? Idol’s next band (and the one that helped launch him into solo stardom) was called Generation X. Over in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool has a seven-degrees-or-less-of-separation tie to a Generation X as well, in the form of an X-Men spin-off comprised of a group of mutant teenagers. We would love to write some sort of story around the connection but … whump! our legendary laziness has set in again. Suffice it to say that these sorts of connections are “uncanny.” See that? That’s a play on the X-Men’s titular* adjective. How funny is that? Not much? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. Moving on.

Billy Idol
Whoa Nelly! Didn’t expect a Christmas Idol.

Anyway, Billy Idol was a sexed-up hombre of extravagance and his bad boy doings caught up with him when he was almost killed whilst (he’s British so we’re going to use the abominable version of “while”) he was riding his motorcycle (or motorsickle as Grandpa Lloyd used to call ’em). He ran a stop sign, got hit by a car, and almost lost his leg. Ah, presumptuous tough guy! But he stayed among the living, didn’t turn into a zombie, and apparently got serious about family, had five kids, and got religion. No, not really. We have no idea what he’s been up to since the early 1990s. Stuff, we guess.

Twisted mouths
Here Billy shows us his patented “Reverse Stallone.” Sly on the other hand, shows us what he did the moment the critical reviews came in for the Great Abomination … Judge Dredd. We don’t recall Dredd being from New York, by the by. We must have missed that issue.

We have to agree with Deadpool that this is a cool song. Kind of an ethereal thing going on then you get smacked with some trademark Idol freak-musique. Give yourself a moment to enjoy the fun.

Billy Idol

* We used the word “titular” twice in this post. It’s a funny word. Like “tittilating” and “titter.” This reminds us of a previous post we did where we unabashadly manipulated search engines and users into thinking they were coming to our site for some T&MaybeA.


We like comics. And we like music. And we like movies. Pop culture is our game! But we also have a serious side. Current events, history, and politics are a part of the Comics A-Go-Go experience and we hope you find interesting things to read and look at while you traverse our website pages.

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