Dark Knight Rises Secret Poster (Catwoman stiletto boot)

The Dark Knight Movie

Just 53 days until the release of The Dark Knight Rises. That means 44 days to a big disappointment. We’ll miss this year’s Comic Con (again, damn it), so we’re planning to wear our Occupy SDCC T-Shirt in protest. We’re the 99%. You who have tickets are the 1%. We don’t like you.

Drones, UNITE!

Anyway, Warner Bros. has cleverly released the image of a hard-to-find poster for The Dark Knight Rises. The poster shows Catwoman’s sexy (and thoroughly impractical) stiletto boot standing on a Batman batarang. Speaking of these throwing weapons, we’re not sure we’d like to have said objects return our way. They look terribly sharp. Probably best as shuriken. Stay in his forehead, you li’l rascal.

So, enjoy a high res view of the new poster. All of you except the Comic Con attendees. You can go here instead … grrr.

Click for big size

Author: comicsagogo.com

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