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Taken film

Release date: October 5, 2012

Ah. Here we go — this is the synopsis for Taken 2 from IMBD:

“In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife [um … “ex”-wife we think] are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter.”

Taken 2 (film)It should have been obvious, but we couldn’t think of how a sequel of the first film would even be plausible without being essentially a retread. What, Maggie was going to be kidnapped again? Anyway, tit-for-tat was the only answer, right? We relished the indulgence of the first film. Let’s hope Luc Besson and Oliver Megaton (what a rockingly cool last name — wait, it’s based on what happened in Hiroshima? Never mind) don’t botch it. And here’s hoping Liam Neeson‘s 78-year-old body will hold out. OK, that’s not fair, but for crying out loud, he was 59 during the shooting of the film! That would have made him one year older than Roger Moore was in A View to a Kill. And you know how we feel about that. Of course, Sylvester “I skipped Vietnam, so I shouldn’t have any right to play a vet” Stallone is in his 60s and he’s coming out in The Expendables 2 this summer. Bleh. Old people should do things like Cocoon and Driving Ms. Daisy.*

Taken 2 film

Hey, did anyone else notice Liam’s driver’s license in Unknown? We can’t find a picture of it, but it listed his date of birth as something like 1962. Seriously. So, we are expected to believe that he was 10 years younger than he really is? And this helps to explain why in Hollywood, the average actual age between a male movie star veteran and his female counterpart is 10-15 years. ‘Cuz the dude is supposed to be younger and the real-life ingenue is supposed to be older (Scarlett “Jailbait” Johannson, anyone?)  Does this bother anyone else but us? No? OK, moving on.

Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace as a toughie? About as believable as Liam Neeson chasing down a punk at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Taken (2008). But, we like fiction, so thank goodness for suspension of disbelief.

* Even Liam knows his time is running out. Here’s what he told EW in a recent interview: “We joke about doing Taken 3Taken 4Taken 5, and so on. It’s funny to be doing this at 60. I just hope my knees hold up.” We do too, Liam. We do too.

Speaking of old people, 20-somethings will say things like “old people like you shouldn’t do mini-triathalons” when we stand ambitiously at a starting line in September 2012**. So, age is all relative. And so is the presumptive attitude that makes of us think we are younger than we really are. Feh.

** Seriously. We’re going to do it. 5k run/350m swim/12 miles bike. The swim will be cake since we will have been doing it for about a year when we get to the event. The running should be OK too if we take it easy. The biking is a mystery. Time to get out the old Walmart special (seriously) and take it for a whirl. Given previous experiences, we’re sure we won’t be able to sit down for several days after our first trial. Ouch.

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