Ghost Town Dialogue

Ghost Town (2008)There is a side-splittingly funny scene in the movie Ghost Town (2008) which we feel the compunction to share with you today.  Ghost Town, starring Téa Leoni, Ricky Gervais, and Greg Kinnear is a little bit of fun in a film genre we don’t typically care much about. Rom-coms are typically sooooo boooooring, but if the movie throws in a bit of quirkiness, a little edginess, and some terrific actors, well … pop goes the weasel!

Anyway, in this gem of a scene, Ricky’s character, Dr. Pincus, returns to the hospital where he recently had surgery because he believes something during the procedure may be causing hallucinations in which he sees and can speak to dead people. The surgeon, played by the irrepressible Kristen Wiig, at first tries to be evasive but eventually confesses (although her confession is quite bureaucratic) that Pincus died for seven minutes during the procedure. Joining the conversation shortly thereafter, the hospital lawyer, played by the huge and hilarious Michael-Leon Wooley (who provided the luscious voice for Louis, the trumpet playing alligator in Princess and the Frog), guides the surgeon through a hilarious dose of legalese as Pincus’ frustration rises. Confounded by the experience, Pincus finds himself without answers and terribly annoyed.

Ricky Gervais, a bunch of actors, and a very special visit by the original spooky-man, the illuminated M. Night Shamalama-ding-dong. The self-same destroyer of one of our favorite cartoons. We still cry a little when we think of Avatar: the Last Airbender. It’s like taking premium chocolate and turning it into cough syrup.

Go see the movie if you haven’t already. If you have, see it again. Compliments of Comics A-Go-Go!  And, yes, ladies. There is male nudity. And, no, gents-that-like-smooth-men. “Naked Guy” (Jeff Hiller) isn’t manscaped. Sorry.

Jeff Hiller beat out 2,610 other candidates for the role of Naked Guy and stated that the work was liberating. Of course he would. All actors are exhibitionists at heart. Little known fact: Kirk Cameron auditioned but when he found out the role included nudity, he turned it down. Which was fine because when Ricky (an avowed atheist) found out he might be working with Kirk, he said: “I don’t hate self-righteous Christians. No, hate is just a bit too strong a word. Loathe … perhaps. Could be passionately resent. Yeah. Or, or … desire to see some harm short of actual death would actually … I think … describe … what … the question — is it … how … yeah. Right-o …”  The dude in the middle is Brian d’Arcy James, who currently stars in Smash (a TV show which we know nothing about and given the plot probably don’t care to find out anyway). We thought you should know.

Kristin WiigNot many people can keep up with Ricky Gervais when he starts into his routine of incomplete sentences and meandering dialogue. Hats off to Kristen who did a fantastic job of making the confusion so much more fun.  Side note: Kristen hails from Canandaigua in upstate New York. Well, not really. She was born there and lived the first three years of her life in this quaint but boring Finger Lake town. There isn’t any particular reason for this side note other than we wanted to use the word “Canandaigua” somewhere in one of our posts.

Here’s the clip by Youtube user sattalite96. Not the greatest of quality, but, nonetheless, let the hilarity ensue.

Here’s a part of the script from Script-o-rama.

You... Miss!

- Yes?
- Me!

- What the... What?
- Can you...

- Can I... Yes.
- Follow you?

- To the...
- To my office.

- And then you'll tell me.
- Yeah.


Did anything unusual... What?

Jesus Christ! Sorry, I wasn't...

We have a meeting in a couple minutes,
so we just have to be quick.

Did anything unusual happen
during my procedure? What's he...

Can you please define "unusual"?

Out of the ordinary,
bizarre, unanticipated.

No, this went well.

- It was good. Okay, normal.
- Right.

Yes, good. Well, the cessation maybe,

- but after that, you responded...
- The cessation of what?

Dr. Pincus, I really...
I don't need to tell you that

every medical procedure
doesn't follow the same path.

- Everyone's different.
- Yeah.

There are subtle variations
in even the simplest surgical...

What would a subtle variation be
in my case, for example?

- Well, one doesn't wish to use jargon.
- No.

- But, you know, technically...
- Yep.

...medically, it's beginning...

Okay. Yeah.

- You died.
- I died?

- Little bit.
- For how long?

- Seven minutes.
- A bit less.

I died for seven minutes.

- A bit less.
- Approximately seven...

That's really the only thing
that I can think of...

How did I die?

For the record, we did not recommend
that you use the general anesthesia.

When you use anesthesia,
there is a chance, although it is small,

of a biochemical anomaly.

Where's the anesthesiologist?
I want to see him now.

He does not work here anymore.

You'll be happy to know
that at Saint Victor's,

we have a very strict
three-strikes policy.

My anesthesiologist had two strikes?

Okay, let's all calm down.

Let's just not overdramatize
the situation.

Why is he calming down?

Everybody dies.

Yeah, but usually at the end of their life,
and just the once and forever.

Everybody's different.

And you weren't even gonna tell me.

- No, we did tell you. We told you...
- No, you didn't.

We told you that night.
We gave you the full report.

- No, I don't remember that.
- Yes. Yeah, we...

It says here that you gurgled to me

before you rolled your eyes back
in your head, a little bit.

Have you any idea
how much I'm gonna sue you for?

- Nothing, I'm afraid.
- He's perked up. Go on.

You signed a general release
and a quitclaim form,

relieving your surgeon,
your anesthesiologist,

Saint Victor's Hospital and Cooperative
Institutional Health Partners

from any liability related

to your anesthetic-induced cessation
of heart function.

I definitely did not.

- Is this your signature at the bottom?
- When did I sign that?

Right after you passed
the post-operative responsiveness test,

legally mandated
by the state of New York.

Obviously I didn't know
what I was doing!

You knew enough to sign your name.

I dotted the "i" with a little love heart!

You were happy to be alive, right?


We like comics. And we like music. And we like movies. Pop culture is our game! But we also have a serious side. Current events, history, and politics are a part of the Comics A-Go-Go experience and we hope you find interesting things to read and look at while you traverse our website pages.

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