Iran Man

Yeah, it’s corny enough that it’s probably been done before. So what. Here’s our take.

Iran Man! The Persian Juggernaut. The Mighty Man of the Mullahs. The Terror from Tehran. The hero Rostam reincarnated. Ladies, we hear you sighing beneath your burqas. Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbaaaaaalllllllaaaaahhhh!!!!!

Iron Man Parody
Scaring infidels with my piercing stare!

“Israel! I am putting you on warning. Return the Holy Land or I will continue to bother and threaten you and stuff!”

“And, you! American dogs! Lest you think you have a chance with your stupid, puny little drones and special forces and blah, blah, you should know that … لا شه کشتي , کشتي , بدنه کشتي , تنه کشتي , کشتي سنگين وکندرو , باسنگيني ورخوت حرکت کردن , بزرگ بنظر رسيدن. a evah eW. Don’t make him angry! You think your foolish American Hulk is angry? We’re already angry when we’re happy. You don’t want to make us angry, angry. Really bad things might happen in a year or so when we have a nuke or two.”

“As for you, Sunni pigs. I cannot even begin to hate you enough! I will incinerate you with the Sword of Lazer that emanates from my righteous hand!”

Next up? Amazon Basin Hawkeye (captured on film below while he prepares to shoot out Nick’s other eye).

Hey, hey! Lookit my xáapahai! I’ma getcha! Cody can keep all his fancy gear, his guns, his ATV, and his Ram 3500. He ain’t got my skills. ‘Nuf sed!

Time for one more …

All the way from Linsneria, it’s the megalithic Thorbian!

Comic Book Character Parodies
I’m from an alternaverse where a bastard with hairy palms spawned me. Yay nipple protectors!


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