New Dark Knight Trailer #3

Batman Movie

The much anticipated final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is one step closure with the release of a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. This one gives us more of a taste of Bane. Listen to his voice at about the 1:00 minute mark. Not what we expected. Tom Hardy has made Bane sound like a James Bond villain, thinks us. No criticism. Just interesting.

No, Mr. Wayne. I expect you to die!
Anne Hathaway
More Lee Merriweather than Julie Newmar. We like Lee. We like Julie more. Anne, don’t suck please.

One thing we’re still skeptical about though is if Anne Hathaway can pull off Catwoman. We’ve talked before about odd casting. It’s fairly common that a movie character really doesn’t resemble the comic book character in persona as well as image. Occasionally it works. Heath Ledger as the Joker is the best example of a movie character that is very dissimilar to the comic book character and yet just as good. Same for Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. But more often than not, we find ourselves disappointed. Jennifer Garner as Elektra? That’s like Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Neither actress is Greek and neither are convincing as the tough as nails women they portray. So anyway, we would never have thought about Anne Hathaway as physically agile and strong, manipulative and dangerous, and damnably unconquerable — all traits that Catwoman possesses. Anne just seems too nice and housebroken for the role. But, Christopher Nolan is at the helm and he and his team have been quite good at getting the best people and getting the best out of them.

So, enough with the writing and stuff. Here’s the trailer…


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