Preview art for Before Watchmen

Watchmen Comic Book Series

DC Comics has graciously provided BuzzFeed a sneak peek at the upcoming series “Before Watchmen.” And we’re happy to let you know that.

Watchmen Comic SeriesThe new series captures prequel stories of the seminal characters created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and has already been embroilled in controversy from purists that either believe the original series should stand alone or that are convinced the new stories won’t equal the epic storytelling of the original series. Whatever. Of course it shouldn’t and of course they won’t. However, given the creative teams involved, we’re confident the stories will stand on their own merits.

Watchmen Comic SeriesThere’s a solid foundation for these prequels because Moore created such dense backstories. Effectively, Moore’s work set up the possibility of this type of series so it should be no surprise that DC would want to exploit that. It’s no different than James Cameron setting up the prequel to Titanic. Without all of the legwork he did on his “big boat” movie, there would have been no Rose’s Bawdy Adventures.

This won’t be the first time that new material has been added to a sacred cannon of original work. And if the objection is that Moore’s unique vision shouldn’t be sullied, keep in mind that he chose to publish it under the DC banner, so the stories are no longer his.

We’re feeling cavalier tonight and hope to stir up some of our own controversy. We’re pretty good at lying, so how about “The Watchmen sucked eggs out of a dirty goose!” or “Alan Moore is a plagiarist hack!” or “Dave Gibbons art is boring and Rorschach is a git!”

Frankly, we don’t care if the new series aren’t as great as Watchmen. They just have to be good. And they will be.

Watchmen Comic Series

Watchmen Comic Series
Anyway, buzz on over to BuzzFeed for 21 unpublished images.

And take a moment to enjoy previews of the Before Watchmen covers we posted previously.


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