Layer Cake Movie (2004) on

British Gangster Movie

The Brits have got the whole gangster thing down.  We recently plunged in for viewings (or re-viewings) of The Long Good Friday, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Sexy Beast, The Krays, Get Carter (Caine not Stallone), Mona Lisa, and The Escapist. Not all British crime capers are equal, but the better ones are always a joy not just to watch but listen to.

Anyway, one of our favorites, Layer Cake (2004), is on Crackle for a limited time. Starring Daniel Craig (pre-Bond) as the main character, and a litany of talent swirling around, it’s as good as the mad-cap action found in Guy Ritchie’s bundles of fun. Speaking of which, we haven’t seen RocknRolla for a while. Mental note.

Comics A-Go-Go! certified lazy summary: The protagonist is a drug dealer, albeit a well-mannered and smart one. He has an exit plan to cash out and enjoy the riches of his spoils by avoiding any serious hands-on activity. He has no ambition to play for the top dog role. The big money bossman that brokers his deals reels him in for a couple of big favors. Problem is, neither favor is really a favor (i.e., you don’t really have a choice, Shlomo), and there’s a lot of baggage that comes with both. As the story progresses, the hero (such as he is) gets further embroiled in messes that start to bump up against each other. But, he’s a smart lad and there’s a chance he can pull it off … IF, he can just stay ahead of the last guy.

OK, enough writing. In short, it’s worth watching and here’s your ticket to the movie:

British Gangster Movie


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