Super-heroines Demure!

We were going back through our Avengers posts to see if there was anything we should add today and we remembered the one about inequality in female/male hero poses. We originally found the pictures at I Can Has Cheezberger so we returned to read the updated comments. There’s an awful lot of grumbling about the sexist depictions of women in comic books. Our thoughts? Duh. Fanboy gets what fanboy wants. There’s nothing fair about sex.

The AvengersOddly but perhaps predictably, we really couldn’t find any pictures of female superheroes in practical and modest costumes. We did note, however, that compared to several other iterations of Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson’s version in the upcoming movie is actually fairly functional (although, we didn’t notice this earlier — check out her pose in this poster series). The cleavage zipper is unnecessary unless the intent is to distract the villains, but the full body coverage and protective material is probably what one could expect would work best in an action situation. The boots in this picture also seem to fit the criterion of practicality. ‘Cuz, how is a female superhero in high heels supposed to take on Loki? Although, come to think of it, how is a female or male hero that really isn’t super supposed to take on a Norse god at all? Well, never mind that. At some point, we just have to go with it, baby.

Anyway, if anyone has examples of other female superheroes in more practical attire, let us know. Mostly because we’re skeptical any exist.

As for “guy” candy, take a look at Daniel Clowes‘ Death Ray from Eightball. Compare that to other depictions of mainstream comic book heroes. See? Mainstream comics are equal opportunity exploiters.

Independent Comics

And just for funny …

Sexism in Comic Books

By the way, do you like how we used “demure” as a verb? We feel so coquettish.


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