Cerebus The Aardvark Pins

Time again to reach into the boxes and see what’s been hiding in the dark for a while. Today we’re highlighting some rather cool pins.

Graphitti Designs (you know, the guys that do the ubiquitous figures and T-shirts you see at the Comic-Con?) put out a nice set of Cerebus pins in 1985. They are made of enameled metal and were released as loose singles or as a full set. The full set included a 6th pin which is the title logo in red. The “Cerebus the Prime Minister” single pin was printed with a blue background whereas the one in the set is on a rose-colored background. Here’s a picture of the loose singles (sorry, we’re not opening the packages to get them out for scanning – not sure what happened to Young Cerebus; perhaps he’s precocious and exited the plastic on his own – why, that character!):

  • Cerebus The Barbarian
  • Cerebus The Candidate
  • Cerebus The Prime Minister
  • Most Holy
  • Young Cerebus

Graphitti DesignsNot in the know? Cerebus is a 300 issue mini-series by Canadian writer and artist Dave Sim and one of our favorite pen and ink artists, Gerhard (also Canadian … not sure that it matters). The titular character, Cerebus (a mispelling of Cerberus that occurred in an early printing and then stuck) is a selfish, tough, all around misanthrope. The story starts out as a Conan the Barbarian parody and then evolves into a complex satire of social commentary, political and religious power, and gender issues. There’s a lot of mockery of comic book stories and characters as Sim interweaves them into his storyline.  The setting for much of the story is in a fictional version of the 19th century with a weird interspersing of other eras and fantasies. If you haven’t already read it and are interested, we recommend buying the “phone books” which are story arc graphic novels compiling several issues in each.

Cerebus the Aardvark

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