Weird Science! Movie Review

John Hughes ComedyWeird Science (1985) popped back onto Netflix and since we haven’t seen it since it first came out, we thought we’d amuse ourselves with a trip down memory lane. What sucks is that usually stuff that seemed hilarious in high school isn’t quite as funny in middle age. Cynicism borne of life-wearying, soul-sapping experience? You bet your sweet ass.

Weird Science Movie (1985)

The acting was mostly awful. The premise, so juvenile. The storytelling, so unabashedly steeped in stereotypes. The fashion, oh so outdated. The partying, so hedonistic. And it was still a blast even with mid-life cynicism trying to roadblock the trip down memory lane.

Weird Science Movie (1985)Weird Science Movie (1985)

Nutshell: Two very uncool dudes have troubles with the ladies and with other dudes that intimidate them. And to make matters worse, Gary Wallace (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt Donnelly (Ilan Mitchell-Smith), are terrorized by Wyatt’s older brother Chet (Bill Paxton). Bemoaning their state of affairs, they decide to create a computer-generated woman. Through Wyatt’s computer (was that a Commodore 64?), and a modem, the boys juice up the processing power of their program by tapping into the power of a military supercomputer. They hook up some miniature clamps to both ends of a Barbie-ish doll and let loose an awesome electrical dynamo and what do you know – Gary and Wyatt create Woman.

Weird Science Movie (1985)The woman (played by Kelly LeBrock) is dubbed Lisa by the boys, and she is a gorgeous bit of heaven — too much for the awkward lads. Lisa is affectionate and protective of the guys, and she creates opportunities to overcome their social fears and sexual frustration. In all, what teenage male could want anything more? Long story short, like all 1980’s teen comedies, the film ends with the boys getting real girlfriends and a departing tender moment when Lisa proudly but sadly sends her owners/wards free.

Weird Science Movie (1985)Weird Science Movie (1985)We had forgotten how adorable Kelly LeBrock was. She has wonderful screen charisma and is easy on the eyes to boot. It was also funny to see Robert Downey, Jr. as a young smart ass. You know, back before he was an old smart ass. We like Bob. Additionally, Peter Garrett  jointed in as a Mutant Biker. Peter was taking a break from his Midnight Oil bandmates due to creative exhaustion and the fact that he was wanted for Crimes against Capitalism in his native Australia.

Weird Science Movie (1985)So, this John Hughes vehicle turns out just enough silliness to be a lot of fun. It probably doesn’t deserve 3 out of 4 stars, but we’ll give them to it anyways. Oh, and it has an Oingo Boingo theme song, so that’s an extra touch of 80s nostalgic goodness.

BONUS: Oingo Boingo retired in 1995. Aw. We liked the Boings. Here’s a video from their farewell tour. They’re performing “Dead Man’s Party” — one of our faves. Incidentally, it occurs to us that the bandleader and singer, Danny Elfman, would have been a good Joker in Batman (1989). He wrote the theme song and went on to score lots of movies for Tim Burton. He is also the writer of the Simpsons theme music. And he’s married to Bridget Fonda. Bridget starred in Point of No Return (1993)  the American remake of La Femme Nikita (1990). Luc Besson wrote La Femme Nikita, and the film had a small role for one of our favorite tough guys, Jean Reno. Besson also wrote one of our favorite thrillers, Taken. Jean Reno starred in Ronin, one of the coolest thrillers ever filmed … that’s it. No real point to that, but just thought you should know.
Side note: Eugene Levy toured with the band during their swan song, playing various instruments including the Portable Red Keyboard. Eugene later reprised his musical talents on 2003’s A Mighty Wind.


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5 thoughts on “Weird Science! Movie Review”

  1. I actually thought Anthony Michael Hall did some great acting in WEIRD SCIENCE. It may be one of my favorite comedic performances. Also, though the film is all over the place and doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense, I found it absolute hilarious, possibly making it one of the most underrated comedies and John Hughes flicks.

  2. I thought the guy that played Wyatt was hot. I love him in WS. He’s so sexy a cute smile man I wish I had more movies with him. oh yeah his name is Ilian Mitchel Smith. such a cutie in WS. so hot!!! He looked hot in those blue panties.

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