We found out what Asma would do

Syrian Crisis
Photo-op!! Look at our people running to yet another bargain at the bazaar. Our economy's roaring along thanks to a huge investment of our personal fortune.

Back in February, we wondered what Asma al-Assad was thinking about the whole killing-our-people thing. Given her history of philanthropy and apparent progressive sensibilities, we figured that the abominable way in which her husband and his henchmen went about the business of violently suppressing the  freedom movement of their people would be tempered by her loving hand. OK, OK. We get it. Why would a tyrant, a dictator, a despot want to fade back while a democracy movement surged forward (not a question). So, of course Bashar “Napalm” al-Assad would want to defend his stranglehold. Morally wrong, yes. Predictable, also. But what we hoped for was that Asma would put her foot down and say enough is enough … let my people go. Or at least flee the country. Nope.

In an article in The Guardian released today, hacked email messages exchanged between the members of the Royal First Couple of Syria demonstrated that the al-Assads are continuing to live within their gilded cocoon as if the horror surrounding them is a distant menace perpetrated by enemies of the anti-Republic. Bashar rants about enemies training al-Qaeda to subvert the Head Bastard and his cronies. Get that? These are private emails to intimate contacts within the power echelon. He actually believes (or wishes to convince his close friends) that he is being targeted by al-Qaeda affiliated death squads. These death squads are being recruited by … wait for it … U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford. You know, the minion of The Great Satan. You know, The Great Satan that consists of Americans, Israelis (well, Jews in general), and complicit kiss-ass Arabs. You know, the sworn and singularly Dread Enemy of al-Qaeda. What the hell? Hmm. You can’t make up this kind of crazy. (Of course, … full disclosure time …, there’s a possibility of the hacking being a hoax but it’s unlikely).

And where is Asma in all of this? Yakking it up with pals about online shopping sprees. Ah well, did we really think this  dictator and his wife were genuine humanitarians in spite of their apparent gestures of good-will to the indigent or their royal escapades in Europe (again, not a question).

Bashar and Asma al-Assad, go  yourselves.

Syria 2012

Asma al-Assad

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