James Bond Trading Cards by Eclipse Comics

Eclipse Comics 1993

1980s independent comics

Eclipse Comics published two sets of James Bond trading cards in 1993 and 1994. Both sets showcase movie stills and promo shots from the first eight movies of the Bond franchise.

James Bond Trading Cards BoxThe first series focuses on Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, and Thunderball. The fronts of the cards sport a gold border and the back of the cards have factual tidbits and story information. Series I has two holographic chase cards: Oddjob and an Aston Martin, both from Goldfinger. The quality of hologram and reproduction leave a bit to be desired, and the images appear to be toys or statues. As the  Aston Martin card is tilted, it shows a person ejecting out of the passenger side. The commons set contains 110 cards.

James Bond Trading Cards BoxThe second series highlights You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceDiamonds are Forever, and Live and Let Die. The fronts of the cards are bordered by silver and the backs contain facts and story information.  Series II has six Bond Girls chase cards which are printed on regular card stock, so there isn’t anything particularly special about them. There is an error card in Series II (#92 shows a scene from OHMSS but references a scene from LALD). Unfortunately, we are missing card #82. It is supposedly a shot of Jill St. John as Tiffany Case but we wonder if this is another error (perhaps the card doesn’t exist since we opened a full box and didn’t find one). We’ve researched the topic and can’t find any answers. If anyone has one, we’d be interested in it. The commons set contains 110 cards.

We’ve created a gallery of all of the cards both front and back. The scans are large enough that you can read all of the text on the backs. The images aren’t high quality, unfortunately. We should have used our better cameras or the scanner. Then again, the cards themselves aren’t premium items either. Nonetheless, ours appears to be the site with the most comprehensive gallery of these cards. We also believe they may be the largest images of individual cards. You’re welcome.

In addition to the images of the commons cards, we’ve created supplemental galleries of the chase cards and some of the more interesting cards, including many images of the Bond girls. Naturally.

James Bond Trading Cards Box
Gallery of James Bond Trading Cards Series I (1993)

James Bond Trading Cards Box
Gallery of James Bond Trading Cards Series II (1994)

James Bond Trading Cards
Gallery of James Bond Chase Cards (1993-1994)

James Bond Trading Cards
Selected cards from Eclipse Comics series I and II

As for the publisher, Eclipse Comics is now defunct but for a brief period of time prior to its demise, the company released several series of trading cards. It was apparently the first comic book company to do so. See Catherine Yronwood‘s website for more details. Cat is the former editor-in-chief of Eclipse and for what it’s worth is a self-proclaimed eccentric and magic spell-mistress or something.

As for comics, Eclipse was one of the best publishers of independent comics to come out of the alternative scene in the late 1970s. Personal favorites such as Scout by Tim Truman, Twisted Tales by Bruce Jones, Axel Pressbutton and Laser Eraser by Pedro Henry/Steve Dillon, and  the second comings of The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens and Stig’s Inferno by Ty Templeton were among the catalog of comics released from 1977-1993.

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4 thoughts on “James Bond Trading Cards by Eclipse Comics”

  1. Having read your article I checked my collection of Series 2 cards and card #82 is indeed a picture of Jill St John as Tiffany Case. The colour picture on front shows Jill Sporting her pink/purple bikini.

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