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The Dapper Ian Fleming: Creator and Author of James Bond novels and All Around Original International Man of Mystery

Perhaps it is because we are still smarting from the Comic-Con disappointment (the tickets sold out before we got to the head of the queue), we are planning to submit several posts related to James Bond. Ian Fleming’s creation is a fan favorite for us. Since the books, movies, and related materials have been around so long, we’ve accumulated some unique items along the way which we’ll share with you.

The first post highlights the two trading card series released by Eclipse Comics in the early 1990s. The post’s related pages share a comprehensive set of images showcasing all of the cards from both series.


Interested in more Comics A-Go-Go! Jamesbondaria? Here are some additional posts for your pleasure:

  • Movie Mini Reviews: In which we tell you what we think about each of the Bond films, encapsulated in one pistachio nut shell per film.
  • Bond. Leisure Suit Bond: In which we savage the style and general persona of the Moore-era Bond (plus we give you a very simple list of Comics A-Go-Go! movie ratings).
  • Asterix and the Parody of Connery’s Bond: In which we show a picture of Connery from the Asterix and the Black Gold album with a parallel picture of Connery from Zardoz.
  • Showcase #43 – Dr. No: In which we discuss the first appearance of James Bond in an American comic; Showcase #43 (DC Comics, 1963) is  an adaptation of the concurrently released movie.
  • Grace Jones: In which we have a bit of a laugh about a magazine article regarding the James Bond femme fatale from A View to a Kill.

James Bond Satire: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig

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