Collector’s Mistake: G.I. Combat 87

Want to see what happens when you get caught up in the heat of the moment and let the internal idiot talk you into a stupid spontaneous purchase? Here you go.

Haunted Tank

Here’s the story. While attending Comic-Con 2007, we intended to look for a G.I. Combat 87, the first appearance of the Haunted Tank. As a kid, we read a few Tank stories and when we learned as adults that the 1st appearance of this “character” is fairly rare, we pined to own a copy.

At the time there weren’t many on the market, on eBay or otherwise.  War comics were being snatched up since they were undervalued at the time relative to other genres. Anyway, we were walking the floor looking for the comic and what do you know … there was a copy hanging on the top of a vendor’s display. We had him pull it down, had him open the bag, and we fell in love. It was in better shape than the only other one we could find at the show. The colors and gloss were vibrant. The pages still fairly crisp and light. In all, we felt the book was around a high Fine. Buuuuut, there were two problems: a) the asking price was $900 and the seller wasn’t budging, and b) given the price, we should have paid more attention to the moisture staining on the back (the book was not warped from being wet at all, it just had a shadow of a stain).

We were doing well financially at that point and this would have been the biggest purchase to date, so we felt a bit cavalier. A simple credit card transaction and it was ours. The envy of all our friends (and some nemeses). Next year, we handed it over to CGC for grading. When it came back, we about pooped our panties: 4.0. We were sure it was at least a 7.0. We suck.

Anyway, with the low grade and the impact of the Great Recession, the best offer we’ve had for it thus far was under $400. It’s a beautiful book – fantastic Russ Heath cover, generally attractive in most ways except the damnable staining on the lower part of the back cover – but there you have it.

So, lesson learned? Not much, except we’re not spending $900 on another comic book any time soon. Feh.

War Comics
Yay! Haunted Tank!
G.I. Combat 87
Aargh! Staining! The darkness on the right side is actually a shadow. You can see the stain line though, huh? Should have really thought this one through, huh.


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