Gratuitous Butt Shots in Comics?! C’est increible!

Ah. This World Wide Interweb thing is a wonderful whatchamacallit, isn’t it? While writing the previous post about Mordillo and soccer and honorary doctorates, we went searching through our pictures to see if we could find a panel of a superhero graduating so we could tie it in with our snarky comments about undeserved degrees. We figured we’d find a pic of ol’ Hornhead (Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil AKA Mr. Melodrama) graduating from law school or something. Couldn’t find one. So we went to Google Images to see if we could “borrow” one. The search led to What Were They Thinking (a very funny blog about bad comic-booking) which in turn led to Superdickery (also moito bo!) which in turn led to a picture on (see reblog). By the way, for the “honorary degree” gimmick, we used someone that we’ve taken to mocking of late (Asma “I see nothing, I hear nothing, and I sure as hell say nothing” Al-Assad). Don’t worry, we spread our criticism to her buttholio of a husband too. We just expect more out of Asma given her penchant for humanitarian work.

So, after we had a laugh at the failblog offering, we went to work scanning trading cards for future posts and ended up pulling out a bunch of comics we haven’t seen for a long time. While flipping through a Gen13/The Maxx one-shot, we discovered several panels with not just gratuitous but shamelessly exploitative derrier-emphasized perspectives. We have no significant comment on the matter other than it strikes us as awkward  that a dude can get all hot and bothered by another dude’s drawing of a cartoon chick’s butt. But hey, Fanboy gets what Fanboy wants. So, here are some shots for you to laugh at or drool over, whatever your bent may be.

Comic Book Sexism
How the hell does the artist justify this shot?
Butt shot
When Maxx steps on it, it squeaks. Sometimes it makes other noises too.
Comic Book butts
Hey, panel 3 is the same as 1! Tomm Coker, you're a cheater!

And since we already took some additional shots we might as well post them here. These are additional images from Gen 13/The Maxx Special.

Marvel One-Shot

The Maxx

Gen 13

Gen 13 and The Maxx

Gen 13


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