Nancy Silberkleit’s now stopping kids from bullying each other?!

Archie ComicsHuh? We’re confused. According to Market Watch, Nancy Silberkleit, the purported rampaging terror of Archie Comics is “a seasoned anti-bullying and literacy advocate” and is promoting a new essay event to call attention to anti-bullying initiatives.

This is the same Nancy Silberkleit that has a restraining order against her, right? The same lady that has … well, bullied … her staff. That’s just dirty pool, Nancy. Of course, one is known to do crazy things when one is under the influence of speed balls, so take it from Archie — get clean and come home.

So, why do we pick on Nancy so much anyway?  We’re not big fans of hypocrites or bullies. And as for judgment, well, for the moment, the testaments of staff and management as well as a court order gives us enough to say “tsk, tsk.”

Of course, we do hope things will end well for Archie Comics. 73 years is a long time to be publishing funnies – the company is an historic institution, by gum!

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