Vintage Metal Hurlant pictures

European ComixSince we’re on the subject of Pierre Clément and his pictures in Métal Hurlant, here are some additional images from the same era. Métal Hurlant is the original French anthology comic magazine started in 1974 to showcase science fiction, horror, and humor comics for more adult audiences. An English language version has been published in the United States under the title Heavy Metal and has been popularized by two movies that were based on stories from the magazine.

We picked up some Spanish language versions in the 1980’s. Good alternative stuff to the American superhero genre.

Metal Hurlant
It isn't that the cause of protecting children isn't noble, it's the sensationalized manner in which Nancy Grace goes about it that is so exploitative. Therefore, Angry Frog Man is coming for you, Nancy.

Bingo Bongo by Ted Benoit (pronounced Ted Benoit) is about a struggling writer named Bingo B. Bongo (the middle initial stands for Bruxism) and his various episodes (mostly frustrating ones). Again, another example of “clear line” work famously attributed to Hergé (Tintin) and used by many European artists, like Pierre Clément (see previous post). Ted is particularly talented and his stuff is quite funny. Enjoy a couple of one-pagers from Métal Hurlant.

Ted Benoit Ted Benoit



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