Pierre Clément

Bandes Dessinées

Finally! We’ve been a fan of Pierre Clément for years but his online presence has lagged. We haven’t bothered to search for his work for some time now since it has been hard to get more information and images, but he’s online now. His website is a treasure trove of his clear line illustrations, although we don’t know what it says since we don’t speak Frog.

Pierre has created a wonderful world of cartoon animals in geometrically complex, detailed architecture. Visually, his art is some of the most absorbing work we’ve ever seen. “His style falls into the category of ‘la ligne claire’ which refers to the style of elegant linear cartooning as pioneered by Herge, other notable exponents including Ted Benoit, Joost Swarte and Ever Meulen.” (Cloud 9).

It’s still really tough to find his work if you’re an American (and even worse if French is a foriegn language to you (duh), but perhaps if you have a Canadian close by he or she can help (‘cuz those Canucks are exceptionally talented and helpful people (yes, that’s pandering, but it’s true))). We can’t figure out if Pierre’s website actually sells anything, so there are a couple of offline sites that may be helpful. Here’s one: La Parenthèse Library. Apparently, Pierre does a lot of playing cards. Eh. We prefer the full size images and would love to get a nice poster. Add that to the Trading Post.

In the 1980’s, his work appeared in Metal Hurlant. We got a few magazines, so here are some scans for your viewing pleasure.

Bandes Dessinées Bandes Dessinées Bandes Dessinées
Bandes Dessinées Bandes Dessinées

Go to Pierre Clément’s galleries and then scoot around for some other stuff.

European Comics
You should watch two clever videos as well.

Cartoon Videos

Pierre on Facebook

Pierre Clement comics

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5 thoughts on “Pierre Clément”

  1. To see Pierre Clément’s recent images, there is an exhibition with projection of the “Tableau Variable” at the Galerie Oblique. It starts 31st of October until 17th of November 2012. Invitation if you are in Paris, Tuesday October 30th from 6 pm.
    Address : Village Saint-Paul 17 rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris.
    Galerie Oblique’s website : http://www.galerieoblique.fr/expositions/a-venir.html
    Blog : http://latralalaise.unblog.fr/

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