Don Quixote Bobblehead

Don Quixote drawingEver wonder what Don Quixote would look like as a bobblehead? Well, funny you should wonder. You now have the chance to see exactly what a Don Quixote bobblehead looks like.

This thing was a promo created as a giveaway at an American Library Association conference many years ago. It must have cost a fortune for Greenwood Publishing to get these made. Don Quixote was one of limited set of bobbleheads including Jane Austen, Bill Shakespeare, Jeff Chaucer, Chuck Dickens, and Mae West. As far as we know, Greenwood discontinued the run after a circulation technician in Michigan choked on a Shakespeare head. We have no idea how it ended up in Francine Metz’s mouth (and we don’t want to know). This sort of behavior is more common among catalogers so it’s all the more weird.

At any rate, the bobble action is a bit stiff and the object is too large to mount on the car dash (besides, we’re not moving Hula Girl – she’s been there since ’83 and she’s going to stay there until the rest of her skirt falls off at which time if we don’t remove her we will probably be cited for displaying something obscene — believe it or not, hula bobble girls are amazingly …correct … under their skirts; go check it out), so Don sits on a shelf next to a Thai takraw ball and an incomplete set of Mark Twain books. It’s not in the picture, but right next to the Takraw ball is a gold medallion given to us by King Bhumibol. It signifies the debt of gratitude that the Thai kingdom feels for us and the 24 other SEALs in our squad that … oh, hell, it’s too late for more lies. On the truth side of things though, King Bhumibol is a highly revered (deservedly so) monarch of one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thailand, we miss thee.
Greenwood Publishing


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