Madonna at the Super Bowl?!

NFL Super BowlNFL Super Bowl

NFL Superbowl XLVI
Work it ... girl?

It seems a bit odd that a sport supposedly known for tough guys clashing with brute force for bone-crushing victory would find Madonna smack-dab in the middle of the final battle between two clans of rugged men. We thought football appealed more to the those unchallenged by testosterone deficiency. Our peripheral exposure paints a picture of 200+ lb. men with thick necks, a high tolerance for alcohol, and about as much femininity as a bull. The stereotype of grunting men consuming buckets of food and wailing a banshee bellow whenever their respective tribe makes an impressive field maneuver or a bastard with a whistle affords the opposing warriors a leg up (regardless of the legitimacy of the “call”) is generally what we think of when we picture weekend football spectatorship (thank you Budweiser). So, to have a stage filled with an extravagant show from a bedazzeled Regina of Prima Donnas surrounded by a cohort of gay men and artsy dancing waifs struck us as curious. Of course, football ain’t what it used to be, so really, the image of adrenaline-charged men using their bodies as blunt weapons of mass destruction while eking out just a few yards of advancement at a time through mud and turf is probably more nostalgic than anything. We’re not really questioning your manhood, present-day footballers, but … well, actually we are.  So, to have M.I.A. flash her obscene gesture during the halftime show gave us some relief knowing that we wouldn’t have to sit through the whole affair wondering why the event felt more like American Idol than Monday Night Football. You go, girl.

NFL Super Bowl
Boys, girls? Which is which? And, do they get to spank the players?


M.I.A. musician
Much more enjoyable than the "wardrobe malfunction"


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2 thoughts on “Madonna at the Super Bowl?!”

  1. Thought Madonna did a great job. Who (guys and gals) wouldn’t still want to do her at 53? And she would likely marathon most of us right to our respective orgasmic graves….

    “Like a virgin… ooh..”

    keep smilin’ kids!

    1. Sinew and veins? Pass. It’s the same reason we think Sly Stallone has lost his charm. Actually, he never had any but now he looks like Madonna will look in about 10 years. Even sinew-eyer and vein-eyer. Kudos to her for the “never say die” attitude, nonetheless.

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