Most popular post thus far? Jimi Hendrix photographs on Pawn Stars

Photographer for Jimi HendrixThis one is surprising to us. After a Pawn Stars episode, we posted a write-up right  about an incredible collection of Jimi Hendrix photographs that came up for sale by Jimi’s personal photographer. It’s by far the most popular post. No idea why. But there you go.

Ron Raffaelli worked with Hendrix during Jimi’s heyday shooting some fantastic and oftentimes very intimate pictures of him. Ron’s accumulated a wealth of images of various rock personalities over the years and his photographs are phenomenally creative. Now that he’s in his 60’s it appears he’s ready to start making his collection available for sale. Rick Harrison from the pawn shop bought a bunch for $15,000. What we wouldn’t give to own some of those gorgeous pieces. Well, we suppose we wouldn’t give a lot since we don’t have a lot to give. Bueno. Que pena.

By the way, if you are looking for Ron’s work in general be aware that a lot of it is erotic in nature. If that sort of thing is a no-no for you, you may want to stick to our humble little post that includes a video of the “Looney Dunes” episode of Pawn Stars which shows Rick purchasing part of Ron’s Jimi Hendrix portfolio. Or you can look at an earlier post with video music links to some of Hendrix’s greatest songs.

Jimi Hendrix and the Experience

As for the popularity of other posts (or pages), here are the top 5. Just in case you wondered.

1. Pawn Stars: Jimi Hendrix photographs (according to the stats, this one shows no signs of letting up)

2. Uderzo A-Go-Go-Gone (an early post that keeps going)

3. The Adventures of Tintin Extended Trailer (dropping off as interest in the movie wanes)

4. The Girls of Asterix (real surprise; a post about good-looking women)

5. Destroyer (from Thor) (this may be dated, but we had a bit of fun at Michelle Bachmann‘s expense; see the last picture)

And we’ll include this one because it’s also one of our earliest posts and still gets small but steady traffic: Trollhunter Movie Review.


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