FloridaManatees. Big dudes. Weird tails. Kind of a cross between a sea lion, hippo, domestic pig, and beaver. Legend has it that manatees were the progenitor of the mermaid myth (weird tales). Sea-weary, vitamin-C-deficient, blue-balled sailors often saw creatures in the water that excited the imagination. Sea mammals can appear unusually human-like in the right light and position (we suppose). Remember how we talked about beauty being relative? Yeah, so manatees probably looked like the types of women nautical travelers would like to get their paws on after months on the waves. With the right amount of alcohol, a manatee was a Rubenesque beauty sans hair. But … maybe the flowing locks of mermaid lore came from manatees surfacing through sea grass thereby creating an effect of a water-borne sea-lass rising to greet the desperate boat-borne sea-man. Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, here’s a shot of a manatee passing under boats in the canal while we were waiting to head out for our snorkeling trip. That’s pretty much it.

Sea Mammals

Oh, and you know we make a lot of things up but we have backing this time. See what the History Channel had to say about Manatees and Mermaids.

Mermaids and Manatees


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