Fold-up Electric Car

Aw. Cute! Deathtraps have never looked so trendy.

Green Automobile

The Hiriko, which is a Basque name (not a Japanese one surprisingly) meaning “Little Bubble Transport Pod Meant for Little People in the Big Cities that may or may not be attacked by ETA at any Moment,” is a concept car from Europe that continues the trend toward smaller, more fuel-efficient “green” cars. It isn’t likely to see the American market although it’s a wonderful novelty for soccer moms that don’t quite have it all. The Hiriko folds up quite neatly and could fit in the passenger-side seat of an American SUV. In the United States, we call this a wheelchair. And it’s only a one-seater. ‘Cuz our asses are so fat. Yeah.

European concept automobiles
America! Youz just gots skooled!

More on the Hiriko project:

Green Car


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