Nancy Silberkleit goes ape-shapoopie

This just in from the land of the weird. Nancy Silberkleit, the co-CEO of Archie Comics has had a restraining order placed on her, barring her from entering the iconic comic book publisher’s offices. Apparently, Nancy is the boss from hell: “…she berates and threatens employees and likes to shout sexually explicit remarks.” Nancy has been pegged as an “…eccentric exec” and when she “…showed up at the office on Dec. 12 with a former Indianapolis Colt player [as her bodyguard] … Silberkleit allegedly yelled at the employees while the athlete loomed in the background.”

The Goldwater and Silberkleit familes have owned the comic book franchise since it was first launched in 1941. Nancy married into the family and co-manages it. In the complaint that led to the restraining order, “…the $125,000-a-year executive has waged an unrelenting campaign of terror since she was brought in to replace her deceased husband in 2009.”

The Punisher from Archie ComicsAs if comic books weren’t dramatic enough, the real-life drama at the House of Archie is sure  to unfold its outrageous story over the next several months.  This reminds us of the time that the real-life version of the Daily Planet’s Perry White laid into the real-life version of the Daily Bugle’s J. Jonah Jameson. Remember? Perry was drunk off his rocker at a Meet the Press function and called Jameson a hack and a mysogonist. Fisticuffs ensued and long story short, the comic-book version of Clark Kent ended up in a punch bowl. Anyway, perhaps pseudo-real-life Archie can call his pal larger-than-life Frank Castle to bail the kids out of the whole mess. Ain’t it a beautiful life?

Read more at the reputable New York Post magazine.

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