We don’t want to work. We want to bang on our eardrums all day.

Miami Beach FloridaSo. The week in Miami Beach comes to a end. Standing in line in 5 Guys tonight Todd Rundgren‘s 1983 song “Bang on the Drum All Day” came on the radio. How appropriate. Here’s the theme for the final day of our time in this decadent little cesspool of a city.

We stayed in the Art Deco District on Collins Avenue and enjoyed the cuisine and the nightlife.  We won’t miss our third-world hotel room. Planning on staying at the Hotel Carlton? Be aware that what is described on Expedia isn’t quite what the thing is in reality. Hey, at least no cockroaches, we suppose. Just for the sake of Pete, here are some pictures and a review of our Hotel Carlton luxury suite.

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Lyrics to Bang on the Drum All Day

I don’t want to work
I want to bang on the drum all day
I don’t want to play
I just want to bang on the drum all day

Ever since I was a tiny boy
I don’t want no candy
I don’t need no toy
I took a stick and an old coffee can
I bang on that thing ’til I got
Blisters on my hand because

When I get older they think I’m a fool
The teacher told me I should stay after school
She caught me pounding on the desk with my hands
But my licks was so hot
I made the teacher wanna dance
And that’s why

Listen to this
Every day when I get home from work
I feel so frustrated
The boss is a jerk
And I get my sticks and go out to the shed
And I pound on that drum like it was the boss’s head

I can bang that drum
Hey, you wanna take a bang at it?
I can do this all day

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